November 22, 2017

Eurofirms renews its collaboration with FLSida projects

As part of a series of initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC), Eurofirms has recently renewed its collaboration agreement with the Fight Aids Foundation (FLS). Through this agreement, Eurofirms commits to collaborate with FLS’s research projects by making an annual donation for a period of three years. The two organizations have been collaborating since 2014.

The FLS is a non-profit organization that works to provide assistance, research and education on HIV and AIDS. It was created over 20 years ago by Dr Bonaventura Clotet from the HIV unit of the “Germans Trias i Pujol” University Hospital in Badalona (Barcelona). Its mission is focused on offering the best assistance and healthcare to individuals affected by HIV, and on transferring the knowledge acquired to society and to professionals. In keeping with the values of Eurofirms, this mission promotes proximity, solidarity and respect for individuals.

#hablemosdelsida. We encourage you to collaborate with research on a cure for HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS is currently invisible to many people. However, it is far from being a problem that has been overcome; new infections continue to appear on a daily basis due to a lack of prevention and awareness. As a result, the FLS has started the campaign #hablemosdelsida, which aims to give a social problem affecting us all the importance it deserves, while also obtaining funding for the Foundation’s research projects.

Eurofirms has also decided to join this initiative, with the goal of helping the FLS achieve its objective of beating the fundraising amount from last year, so that science can continue to move forward in:

  • Strategies for preventing new HIV infections.
  • Therapeutic vaccines and neutralizing antibodies, in order to help people with HIV control their infection without the need for lifelong treatment.
  • Pre-emptive and therapeutic strategies that are applicable to other pathologies, such as certain types of cancer or autoimmune diseases.
  • Studies on the microbiome, made up of the millions of bacteria that live inside us, and their relationship to our immune system. A healthy microbiome can be key to the recovery of the immune system.
  • Research into the complications caused by the HIV infection itself and by antiretroviral treatment: premature ageing, cardiovascular risk, osteoporosis, liver problems, neurocognitive disorders.

People in Red

Within the framework of the FLS’ activities, on November 20 the 2nd edition of the People in Red event will be held at the Royal Palace of Pedralbes. At this event, four Michelin-Starred chefs will come together for a night of solidarity in the fight against AIDS. A culinary show will be offered by Michelin-Starred chefs Carles Gaig, Carles Abellán, Nandu Jubany and Hideki Matsuhisa, with the colour red as the main theme. Eurofirms will take part in the celebration as one of the main sponsors.