April 7, 2017

Emilio Duró “charges the batteries” of over five hundred entrepreneurs and executives with the CAEB and Eurofirms

Carmen Planas: “It is essential to count on people and to have working teams under good leadership that are motivated and capable, to ensure competitiveness and business success”

Miquel Jordà: “The basic principle of Eurofirms is ‘people first’, a challenge that can only be met with respect, trust and transparency”

Palma, 6 April 2017.- The President of the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB), Carmen Planas, and the CEO of Eurofirms, Miquel Jordà, inaugurated the event held this Thursday in which a conference was given by Emilio Duró, businessman, professor, assessor and trainer for multinational companies, with the title ‘Giving up is not an option’.

Over five hundred Balearic entrepreneurs and executives attended the meeting organised by the CAEB and Eurofirms held in Son Amar to listen to Emilio Duró, who ‘charged their batteries’ with his motivational message aimed at developing proactive attitudes and highlighting aspects such as “the preparation that each person must undertake to obtain maximum benefit from our increased life expectancy”, “the new time management”, “the development of the optimist coefficient and management of enthusiasm when facing new challenges” and “how to overcome fear and assume responsibility for decisions on setting targets”.

Emilio Duró has a degree in Economics and collaborates with national and international business schools as a visiting lecturer and associate professor. Although he is well known in business circles, he became famous when a recording of one of his conferences was published on the Internet without his consent. As a result, he was invited to many popular radio and television programmes.

In recent years, he has developed his educational work for business audiences in different conferences, focusing on “the power of optimism and enthusiasm” as well as “the importance of innovation and keeping a healthy open attitude to learning and unlearning at all times”.


People come first in companies

The president of the CAEB insisted in her speech that “all companies are the sum of the entrepreneur and the workers, which means that companies are people”, adding that “it is essential to count on people and to have working teams under good leadership that are motivated and capable, as a guarantee of competitiveness and business success”.

Carmen Planas underlined that “both the CAEB and Eurofirms share a common objective, which is none other than to help companies to nurture and maximise their main asset, which is their people”.

For his part, the CEO of Eurofirms indicated that “one of the greatest challenges facing businesses is their ability to manage, develop and retain talent, so the guiding principle of Eurofirms is “people first”, because this challenge can only be met through respect, trust and transparency”, adding that “only socially responsible companies can be sustainable”.

Miquel Jordà stressed that “Eurofirms is a Spanish multinational for temporary employment and human resources that was founded 25 years ago, and the technology resources we have developed in-house for managing and monitoring contracts is one of our most appreciated assets in the market, because of our commitment to the three pillars that are the foundation of our business, namely people, innovation and excellence”.