For more than 25 years we have established a value-based management model in the Human Resource sector, based on three key pillars:

People, innovation and service excellence.


More than 900 professionals

We are a team of more than 900 professionals with a clear vocation for service, committed to offering the best solutions to all the companies, employees and candidates we collaborate with.

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Our commitment to innovation has given rise to the development of technological resources that improve Human Resource management:

Documentació laboral

Online training and courses

Signatura electrònica de CPD’s i contractes laborals

Electronic signature of DPCs and employment contracts

Web de Clients i Treballadors

Web site for clients and employees

Aplicació de gestió pròpia

Own management software


The work well done during these years has allowed us to meet challenges of the highest level:

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High level of client satisfaction. Temporary workers prefer Eurofirms to other companies in the industry.

High level of client satisfaction. Temporary workers prefer Eurofirms to other companies in the industry.

ISO 9001 certification in Quality Management (since 1999) and Security Management and Occupational Health certification OHSAS 18001.

First temporary employment company to achieve the Ethical Management and Company Social Responsibility certification SGE21, awarded by Forética.

“Your professionalism, speed and level of service have been excellent and we will keep you very much in mind for future needs.”

Enric J. Martí Abella

“Since we have been collaborating with you, everything has been much simpler. Staff management is easy and we always have the feeling that everything is under control (a difficult thing in our activity). When we have had a problem, we have solved it together and in this respect, we walk hand in hand.”

Cristina Reguart

 “My opinion on the Eurofirms Clients website is that it is a very intuitive work platform, which greatly simplifies everything related to signature and document management procedures. As a consultation base, it is very powerful. It allows for filtering and access to all documents, both existing contracts and the entire contracting history, which means there is no need to print and keep documentation on paper.”

Emili Fuentes

 “I would like to thank you for the hard work you have shown during the time we have been working together. Your ability to excel and the level of work done each day has led to us having full trust in you now. I have no doubt that the high personal quality of each and every one of you is what makes the difference. I am confident that this work relationship will go on for a considerable time and will continue to grow.”

Alicia Luque

“We always have a positive response from all our stakeholders. And the client website is a particularly useful tool.”

Santiago Huertas