“Eurofirms stand out because of their professionalism and adaptability, understanding all the client’s needs and working to offer a fast, quality response to any demand.  I would also point out their innovative spirit, which means they are always out in front in their sector.” 

Cristina Jiménez MEDICHEM

“We have started working with Eurofirms and we are satisfied. We have had very good feedback from the start for the attitude and service offered by the workers. The digital platform is a very good tool, where all the employees and their documents appear”.

Elena Pérez HR Department - TIENDANIMAL

“The most exciting part of being the Pivot is working with a single client and establishing a bond of trust and familiarity”.

Nora Pedrosa Recruiter - Eurofirms (Pívot in FRIT RAVICH)

“Having the figure of the pivot gives us an added value. It means that they understand the company better, can adapt to our rhythm of organization and prepare for the situations that arise in the firm”.

Estefania Rico HRBP Spain - CODORNÍU

 “I would like to thank you for the hard work you have shown during the time we have been working together. Your ability to excel and the level of work done each day has led to us having full trust in you now. I have no doubt that the high personal quality of each and every one of you is what makes the difference. I am confident that this work relationship will go on for a considerable time and will continue to grow.”


“We always have a positive response from all our stakeholders. And the client website is a particularly useful tool.”

Santiago Huertas INDRA

 “My opinion on the Eurofirms Clients website is that it is a very intuitive work platform, which greatly simplifies everything related to signature and document management procedures. As a consultation base, it is very powerful. It allows for filtering and access to all documents, both existing contracts and the entire contracting history, which means there is no need to print and keep documentation on paper.”

Emili Fuentes BICENTURY

“Since we have been collaborating with you, everything has been much simpler. Staff management is easy and we always have the feeling that everything is under control (a difficult thing in our activity). When we have had a problem, we have solved it together and in this respect, we walk hand in hand.”


“Your professionalism, speed and level of service have been excellent and we will keep you very much in mind for future needs.”

Enric J. Martí Abella ECONECTIA

“Our service is different because it is fast, flexible and a hundred percent suitable, generating the least inconvenience possible. This is why our clients trust us so much”.

Antonio Cano Operations Director - Eurofirms

“I have worked with Eurofirms for a number of years now, and no doubt there will be many more due to your professional involvement with the most vulnerable sectors of society. Thanks for collaborating and contributing ideas that can improve the employability of people.”

Raquel Prieto Cremades Training and Employment Department - FUNDACIÓN CEPAIM (“Formación Incorpora” Coordination)

“It is a great pleasure to work with teams that are dedicated to the projects they are immersed in – great people who make great projects. A pleasure to count on the support of the Eurofirms Group for the improvement of employability and the creation of job opportunities for the vulnerable people we work with.”

Susana Henarejos Martínez Training and Employment Department - FUNDACIÓN CEPAIM (Head of EPI - Strive to Include)

“Eurofirms’ service has to be fast, flexible and tailored to the client’s needs. In the end we are talking about jobs, and each one has specific or technical requirements. We know that the figure we offer has to be appropriate and perfectly suited to the profile. This is something our clients appreciate highly”.

Xavier Castro Operations Director - Eurofirms

“Rather than collaboration, I would describe our work together as integration and symbiosis. We came together and saw that we shared the same values and view of HR management. You are a fundamental part of that wonderful journey that consists of defining, discovering and bringing new people to join our project, and you are already included in it. After having had many different experiences with recruitment companies over the years, you make the difference. For many years!”

Myriam Casas and Pedro Aguiar GEBERIT

“We’ve reached a point, after working so long, that everything comes as easily to us as making a phone call and knowing that you have offered a solution. Eurofirms understand straight away what we are looking for, they put themselves in our position, and give us the best quickly and efficiently. They certainly work very well”.

Quim Pla Casanova HR Department - SACOPA (GRUPO FLUIDRA)

“In our team, the desire to serve is not imposed on us, it is part of our way of thinking and acting, of doing our job. I think that what clients like most about Eurofirms is the personalised attention we offer them”.

Mª Àngels Casanova Office Manager - Eurofirms Olot

“I am comfortable in my job and I think every day how lucky I am to have joined Eurofirms”.

Silvia Oubiña Vieites Eurofirms employee - CONSERVAS ISABEL

“I would define Eurofirms using the word ‘Professionalism’. My experience with them is long and they have proved to me that they have a solution for any problem. Without going any further, they have provided a great number of administrative procedures that have saved us time and money”.

Juan José Gil Ollero Eurofirms worker

“My experience with the Eurofirms Foundation has been very useful as a work tool. Whenever you need something, they provide it for you and they resolve any queries or problems you might have with great zeal, dedication and service. It seems like I am exaggerating, but words don’t suffice in expressing my gratitude to the Foundation.” 

Alejandro Sánchez Eurofirms Foundation User (Warehouse assistant) DECATHLON EL PRAT

“The people at the Eurofirms Foundation are friends who give you reach out and give you a hand.”

David Moreno Eurofirms Foundation User (Machinery, Labelling and Final Product Supervisor) - LABORATORIOS HIPRA

“Our experience as a client has been a positive one, since we have seen how the personnel with disabilities they recruit have not been a problem – quite the opposite. They are workers who value their employment and the opportunity they have been given, responding with motivation and effort. The collaboration has been rewarding for both parties and fulfils the goals of diversity and social responsibility set out by the company.”


“My experience with Eurofirms has been unbeatable: the service we received from the Eurofirms Foundation team was great. Thank you very much.”

Jordi Riembau Eurofirms Foundation User (Data Entry Clerk) - GUREAK ARAN (CatSalut)

I would describe the Eurofirms Foundation with the following words: opportunity, equality and optimism.”

Verónica Millán Eurofirms Foundation User (Cashier) - FNAC ILLA DIAGONAL

“The Eurofirms Foundation has given me the opportunity to find a stable job. Thanks to the professionals for putting up with my impatience and how annoying I can be, and for giving me an opportunity and their vote of confidence.” 

José Pablo Rodríguez Eurofirms Foundation User (Operator) - UHT VIDRERES LLET

My experience with the Eurofirms Foundation has always been a very positive one. When we begin a recruitment process, we work together so that they know the type of person we are looking for and they are able to find candidates with disabilities. Thanks to this collaboration, we have been able to consider very good candidates, and we have taken people on in the central office and the Cavas Codorniu winery. I absolutely recommend the service you provide, not only because you have the same values as we do in our organisation, but because you are efficient in your work and in your customer service. You are great professionals thanks to your availability, rigour and generosity, and it has been a privilege working with you.” 

Collaborating company with Eurofirms Foundation CODORNÍU

“Our work with the Eurofirms Foundation has been very satisfactory. We have seen for ourselves their good customer service and efficiency when it comes to finding the right candidates for us. Many thanks for a job well done! You are a great team!” 

Collaborating company with Eurofirms Foundation CASADEMONT