June 2, 2016

The success of the “Seniors vs Millennials, Generational Diversity in the Workplace” workshop held by APD and Eurofirms in La Coruña.

A further series of workshops organised by the Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección (APD – Association for Progress in Management), in conjunction with  Eurofirms, was held on 31 May, this time in the city of La Coruña. Over 170 people attended the workshop, generally the most important human resource representatives from Galician firms in the area.

On this occasion, we listened to different speakers on the topic of: “Seniors vs Millennials. Generational Diversity in the Workplace”. First to speak was Miquel Jordà (CEO of Eurofirms), who explained management through values, the model implemented by Eurofirms based on putting people first in business management.

Afterwards, in the main act of the workshop, those attending were able to listen to the talk titled “What is really important and motivates us in life” given by Emilio Duró, who captivated the audience with his enthusiasm and optimism.

Santiago Vázquez (personnel director of R Cable y Telecomunicaciones) talked about the explosion of technology and the progress of communications, a trend creating  new scenarios which, when brought into the world of work, are an example of the co-existence of four very different generations. The above sets companies a new challenge, which is none other than the management of different talent and generational diversity

The workshop came to a close with a strategic conversation on the vision of communication management (chaired by Belén Rey, Director of Communications and Corporate Marketing at Inveravante), the vision of the Millennial CEO  (chaired by Luis Taboada, CEO of Qubitia) and the vision of the business school (chaired by Eduardo García Erquiaga, Director of the Galicia Business School).