We help companies to detect, develop and retain the talent of their human capital, providing their workers with strategic capability and new skills.

We design training solutions integrating interactive methodologies, consistent content and high-quality resources, with sectoral specialization and structured by areas of knowledge.

We adapt to the particularities of the training cycles, providing solutions based on the geographical and time-based dispersion of the groups to be trained. 

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING PLANS to help the evolution of your company, ensuring the continuous training of the workers

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Training Services

Identification and diagnosis of training needs

  • Analysis of the situation
  • Definition of needs and objectives

  • Identification of training initiatives

Design of the training plan

  • Organization
  • Definition of KPIs
  • Pre-test measurement

  • Management of instructors and materials
  • Launch of calls

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Training Services

Provision of training initiatives

  • Design of training initiatives
  • Provision

  • Evaluation of satisfaction
  • Bonus management


  • Post-test measurement
  • Proposals for improvements to the training

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“It is a great pleasure to work with teams that are dedicated to the projects they are immersed in – great people who make great projects. A pleasure to count on the support of the Eurofirms Group for the improvement of employability and the creation of job opportunities for the vulnerable people we work with.”

Susana Henarejos Martínez
Training and Employment Department - FUNDACIÓN CEPAIM (Head of EPI - Strive to Include)

“I have worked with Eurofirms for a number of years now, and no doubt there will be many more due to your professional involvement with the most vulnerable sectors of society. Thanks for collaborating and contributing ideas that can improve the employability of people.”

Raquel Prieto Cremades
Training and Employment Department - FUNDACIÓN CEPAIM (“Formación Incorpora” Coordination)

“Eurofirms stand out because of their professionalism and adaptability, understanding all the client’s needs and working to offer a fast, quality response to any demand.  I would also point out their innovative spirit, which means they are always out in front in their sector.” 

Cristina Jiménez

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