Temporary Employment

A unique temporary work agency service, based on quality, proximity and customer satisfaction. 

We select and hire people to fill temporary job vacancies in organizations in the vast majority of sectors of activity, facilitating the rapid adaptation of the workforce in accordance with production and service needs.
We provide online management tools allowing the customer to monitor our service in real time, within a framework of transparency and accountability.

Temporary Work

The stages of the Temporary Work service we offer:

  • Intake and recruitment 
  • Selection process and interviews 
  • Hiring of workers 

  • Reception and managing availability 
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)


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Temporary Work

We prioritize safety and training

  • Our own Occupational Safety and Health service
  • Training of hired workers in Occupational Safety and Health related to their work places
  • Information and training on the use of mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Follow-up of the safety measures of the client company
  • Specific training of workers in accordance with the labour supply



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Temporary Work

Division specialized in different sectors:

  • Special agricultural system 
  • Hostelry 

  • Call centers 
  • Automotion and auxiliary industry

On-Call Service:

  • For possible emergencies with out-of-office workers

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“I would define Eurofirms using the word ‘Professionalism’. My experience with them is long and they have proved to me that they have a solution for any problem. Without going any further, they have provided a great number of administrative procedures that have saved us time and money”.

Juan José Gil Ollero
Eurofirms worker

“I am comfortable in my job and I think every day how lucky I am to have joined Eurofirms”.

Silvia Oubiña Vieites
Eurofirms employee - CONSERVAS ISABEL

“In our team, the desire to serve is not imposed on us, it is part of our way of thinking and acting, of doing our job. I think that what clients like most about Eurofirms is the personalised attention we offer them”.

Mª Àngels Casanova
Office Manager - Eurofirms Olot

“We’ve reached a point, after working so long, that everything comes as easily to us as making a phone call and knowing that you have offered a solution. Eurofirms understand straight away what we are looking for, they put themselves in our position, and give us the best quickly and efficiently. They certainly work very well”.

Quim Pla Casanova

“We have started working with Eurofirms and we are satisfied. We have had very good feedback from the start for the attitude and service offered by the workers. The digital platform is a very good tool, where all the employees and their documents appear”.

Elena Pérez