Pívot: In-Company HR Projects

The Pivot is the fulcrum on which a team turns. 

Eurofirms becomes the fulcrum of your HR department by conducting tailor-made projects.


  • Better control, contribution of improvements
  • A bond of trust allowing us to download and delegate work in Pivot

  • Dispose of an extra, on demand HR support, according to workload.
  • Avoid duplications, system integration, cost savings.

What makes us unique:

  • Pivot is fully integrated into the Eurofirms office network, permitting a high degree of responsiveness
  • Suited to the actual amount of work: Pivot in the customer’s home every day for the hours and periods required. Fully modulable and flexible
  • Definition of Pivot’s functions agreed on with the client
  • Pivot does not feel alone, it has the Eurofirms team by its side:
    • The Eurofirms office network provides support and coverage to customer requests
    • Connected to the On-Call Service

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“Our service is different because it is fast, flexible and a hundred percent suitable, generating the least inconvenience possible. This is why our clients trust us so much”.

Antonio Cano
Operations Director - Eurofirms

“Having the figure of the pivot gives us an added value. It means that they understand the company better, can adapt to our rhythm of organization and prepare for the situations that arise in the firm”.

Estefania Rico

“The most exciting part of being the Pivot is working with a single client and establishing a bond of trust and familiarity”.

Nora Pedrosa
Recruiter - Eurofirms (Pívot in FRIT RAVICH)