Eurofirms Foundation

The Eurofirms Foundation works to promote the culture of equality in the world of work, guaranteeing full accessibility to the labour market and equal conditions. 

Established in 2007, the Eurofirms Foundation is the result of the Corporate Social Responsibility undertaken with society by the Eurofirms group.
Our objective is the insertion into the labour market of people with disabilities, guaranteeing accessibility to the workplace and contributing to their development within society.

Labour integration of people with disabilities

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Areas of work of the Eurofirms Foundation

Legal advice:

  • We help compliance with the LGD (General Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


  • Workplace analysis
  • Selection of candidates
  • Support and labour intermediation


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Areas of work of the Eurofirms Foundation

Advice on alterntavie measures:

  • Información sobre la Declaración de Excepcionalidad y los costes de las medidas alternativas a la contratación de personas con discapacidad previstas por la Ley

Management of the Declaration of Exception:

  • Alternatives to hiring

    • Special Work Centre Collaboration
    • Donations to the Foundation

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Have a look at the job offers for the disabled from the Eurofirms Foundation

“The Eurofirms Foundation has given me the opportunity to find a stable job. Thanks to the professionals for putting up with my impatience and how annoying I can be, and for giving me an opportunity and their vote of confidence.” 

José Pablo Rodríguez
Eurofirms Foundation User (Operator) - UHT VIDRERES LLET

My experience with the Eurofirms Foundation has always been a very positive one. When we begin a recruitment process, we work together so that they know the type of person we are looking for and they are able to find candidates with disabilities. Thanks to this collaboration, we have been able to consider very good candidates, and we have taken people on in the central office and the Cavas Codorniu winery. I absolutely recommend the service you provide, not only because you have the same values as we do in our organisation, but because you are efficient in your work and in your customer service. You are great professionals thanks to your availability, rigour and generosity, and it has been a privilege working with you.” 

Collaborating company with Eurofirms Foundation

“My experience with the Eurofirms Foundation has been very useful as a work tool. Whenever you need something, they provide it for you and they resolve any queries or problems you might have with great zeal, dedication and service. It seems like I am exaggerating, but words don’t suffice in expressing my gratitude to the Foundation.” 

Alejandro Sánchez
Eurofirms Foundation User (Warehouse assistant) DECATHLON EL PRAT

“Our work with the Eurofirms Foundation has been very satisfactory. We have seen for ourselves their good customer service and efficiency when it comes to finding the right candidates for us. Many thanks for a job well done! You are a great team!” 

Collaborating company with Eurofirms Foundation

“The people at the Eurofirms Foundation are friends who give you reach out and give you a hand.”

David Moreno
Eurofirms Foundation User (Machinery, Labelling and Final Product Supervisor) - LABORATORIOS HIPRA

“Our experience as a client has been a positive one, since we have seen how the personnel with disabilities they recruit have not been a problem – quite the opposite. They are workers who value their employment and the opportunity they have been given, responding with motivation and effort. The collaboration has been rewarding for both parties and fulfils the goals of diversity and social responsibility set out by the company.”


“My experience with Eurofirms has been unbeatable: the service we received from the Eurofirms Foundation team was great. Thank you very much.”

Jordi Riembau
Eurofirms Foundation User (Data Entry Clerk) - GUREAK ARAN (CatSalut)

I would describe the Eurofirms Foundation with the following words: opportunity, equality and optimism.”

Verónica Millán
Eurofirms Foundation User (Cashier) - FNAC ILLA DIAGONAL