May 10, 2016

Gustavo Zerbino moves us with his tale of achievement

The survivor of the 1972 Andes plane crash shared his experience and what he learned from it in an act organised by the CAEB and Eurofirms.

Zerbino: When your mind says you can do no more, you can still walk 10,000 steps further.


On 9 May, as part of the partnership between Eurofirms and the  CAEB (Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands), we had the opportunity to attend a conference in Palma de Mallorca, at which Gustavo Zerbino, a survivor of the 1972 Andes plane crash, spoke to around 300 people, who were extremely moved by his story. 

Carmen Planas stated that Zerbino is a source of inspiration for all of us in terms of achievement, commitment, leadership and team motivation, adding that both the CAEB and Eurofirms share a common goal: to help companies  to care for and enhance their most important asset: people, relying on well-managed work teams who are committed, motivated and qualified, guaranteeing competitiveness and the success of the business.

As for Miquel Jordà, he remarked that Gustavo Zerbino is a magnificent example of overcoming the odds, enabling us to learn what makes us strong in the face of adversity and teaching us to seek the motivation we need to carry on and reach our goals in our careers and, of course, our personal lives.

In 1972 Gustavo Zerbino became a standard of achievement when he and 15 other members of his rugby team managed to survive the infamous plane crash in the Andes mountain range, mostly recently recreated in the film ‘Alive’.

In his talk, Zerbino recounted the details of the accident and how the 16 survivors of the tragedy managed to stay alive.


Life can withstand more

Gustavo Zerbino, who, after the accident, went on to study medicine and currently works for a pharmaceutical laboratory, concluded that the experience he endured in 1972 is proof that life can withstand more and declared, in a lesson he transmitted to a moved audience, that in order to solve problems, one has to accept them and get through them, taking 100% responsibility for them and staying 100% committed, and never, ever, giving up on enjoying life.

Zerbino went on to say that the way forward is not to complain, because things are never exactly to your liking, and that only leads to negativity and failure; instead, you have to face up to problems by doing something.

The things that happen to me depend on me, and we have to choose if we want to be spectators or fight to become the main characters in our own livesBeing free means making decisions but, to do so, you must be brave, proclaimed Zerbino to an audience who hung on his every word.

The mind is an instrument and you must use it positively, because when the mind says you can do no more, you can still walk 10,000 steps further, said Zerbino, for whom the key to his experience is living life with love, solidarity and gratitude.

Miquel Jordà (Eurofirms), Gustavo Zerbino and Carmen Planas (CAEB), moments after the end of the conference.