April 29, 2016

Eurofirms takes part in the 2nd Jornadas Laboralistas in Asturias

This week the 2nd Jornadas Laboralistas were held in Oviedo, the second series of workshops on labour issues organised by the College of Social Graduates of Asturias (Colegio de Graduados Sociales de Asturias) with the participation of Eurofirms.

Mainly intended for professionals specialising in Labour Law, Social Security and Human Resources, as well as Labour Relations and HR students, the workshops proved a complete success and were attended by over 300 people.

As for Eurofirms, CEO Miquel Jordà gave a speech in which he explained its “management through values” model, a model the company has implemented since it was set up, bringing it truly successful results, by means of which people are prioritised over economic profits.

Then, also representing Eurofirms, Emilio Duró, a well-known consultant in motivation, leadership and human resources, delivered a talk titled: “What is truly important and motivates us in life”.