September 21, 2016

Eurofirms strengthens its operations in Spain and Portugal with the acquisition of the Mnemon Group

This incorporation means the expansion of its network of offices, with new branches in Lisbon and Madrid

Eurofirms has expanded its presence in Spain and Portugal with the takeover of the Mnemon Group, a conglomerate which performs its activities through Pempsis ETT, Mnemon and Kerdos, among other companies. With this incorporation Eurofirms will expand its network of offices, with new branches in Lisbon and Madrid.

The Mnemon Group, with a turnover of nearly 40 million euros, offers temporary work placement, consulting, training, outsourcing and cleaning services to companies from different sectors around the peninsula. 

The Mnemon Group is being progressively integrated into Eurofirms’ teams and operations, and the new client portfolio can now access the Eurofirms Client Private Area, a management platform setting the pace in the sector and allowing us to save a significant amount of time and resources.  With this operation, Eurofirms now has 80 offices in Spain and Portugal. Turnover for the 2015 financial year totalled 198 million euros, an improvement of 41% upon the figures for the previous year.

Miquel Jordà, CEO of Eurofirms, considers that “for Eurofirms, it is truly important to take advantage of the different opportunities offered to us by sector companies such as Mnemon, as it helps us increase our operating capacity in many different areas of Spain and Portugal”. We also consider it highly important to “ensure that the professionals who join Eurofirms adapt to our management philosophy, which focuses on values and empowering people’s capabilities”. Furthermore, Jordà believes that “Mnemon’s current client portfolio will be able to appreciate a considerable improvement in our way of working at Eurofirms, where we focus on transparency, manageability and service quality”.