May 25, 2017
Eurofirms presents the Employee Branding business case

Eurofirms presents its experience in Employee Branding at #DES2017

The way employees connect, experience and project the brand of the company they work for is becoming more and more important. What we are talking about is Employee Branding, the communication strategy that consists of influencing the behaviour of the members of an organisation, getting its employees to align themselves with the company’s own values and turn them into veritable brand ambassadors, in a way that is both natural and voluntary.

This is what our Marketing Director, Marta Colomer, spoke of on 23 May in Madrid, as part of a round-table discussion on Career Websites & Employee Brand Ambassadors Programs, as part of the DES 2017 – Digital Business World Congress. This is the largest such event focusing on the digital transformation of companies. Its main aim is to demonstrate the most innovative technologies, solutions and services, to help large multinationals, European SMEs and the public sector on the road to digital transformation.

Colomer presented the Employee Branding business case of our company, Eurofirms, whose focus has always been its people and their well-being, thus our leitmotiv: People first. To do this, we have helped our workmates with both their personal brand and the corporate brand, through a specific Employee Branding programme. The project, which takes into account broad-based training in social networks, aims to provide tools, content and motivation to enable the team to share their emotions with the company.

In addition to Marta Colomer, the other participants at the round table included Esther Poza, Employee Value Proposition Manager at Repsol, and Carmen Extremera, HR Manager at Massimo Dutti (Inditex) for the last 20 years, who acted as moderator.