February 9, 2018

Eurofirms People First bills out €351.5 million, reaching nearly 20% growth

  • In 2017, the Eurofirms Group closed the financial year with a total sales volume of €351.5 million in Spain and Portugal.

  • The number-one domestic human resources company has a network of 95 offices and a staff of more than 500.

  • With an average of 15,000 people hired/day, Eurofirms managed more than 180,000 staffing service contracts in 2017.

2017 was once again a year of growth and expansion for the Eurofirms Group People First, consolidating itself as the number-one domestic Human Resources company and ranked fourth in the sector in Spain when foreign capital companies are included. The group closed the fiscal year with a billing volume of €351.5 million in Spain and Portugal, a figure 19.3% greater than the previous year. The evolution of the sales figure once again defines the upward path of results that, in the last few years, have steadily grown by double digit percentage points, well above the sector average of the sector, which hovers around 10%.

Eurofirm’s business model is based on being a technological company that is committed to people, prioritizing value-based management for obtaining the best results.



Expanding the office network and bolstering the workforce

Eurofirms continued its expansion process into Spain and Portugal during 2017, consolidating and broadening its presence in every province. To do so, it opened six new offices in Spain (Albacete, Alzira (Valencia), Bormujos (Sevilla), Gijón, Lleida, and Vigo (Pontevedra), and three in Portugal (Valença do Minho, São João da Madeira, and Mem Martins). With these new openings, the group currently has a network of 95 offices.

Eurofirm’s firm decision to expand is complemented by offering service that emphasizes proximity and quality to all its customers and workers. Consequently, the higher level of activity and the opening of new offices has been accompanied by an increase in the workforce that now exceeds 500 employees.


More than 180,000 hirings in 2017

The Eurofirms Group’s main service is the recruitment, selection, and training of workers, making them available to companies from all sectors, an activity that surpassed 180,000 hirings during 2017, a number that represents an average of 15,000 people hired every day. The company’s portfolio of services is complemented by the selection of personnel, tailor-made projects in client facilities, and the training, outsourcing, and occupational integration of the disabled, the latter carried out through the Eurofirms Foundation.